Home lighting is critical to ambiance, to the interior design and the holistic nature of the entire home. At home with poor lighting will no greater than the scene offered by haunted movies.

One genius step is combining a medieval game and Modern lighting to give such a nice aura on a home. Lighting that will be called a chandelier and yet undeniably a piece of art, Bocci Lighting.

Bocci came from the Italian word Boccia, which means “bowl”. The game dates back to the Roman Empire, traditionally played on natural soil or asphalt courts. They are spherical balls traditionally made up of metals or plastic, this medieval game inspired the Bocci lighting.

They are chandeliers that resemble bocci balls the only difference is that they are made up of glass. The concept is beautiful, glamorous and refreshing thus it becomes viral abruptly. Now a day it can be availed in different faces.

They can be found although out a contemporary home. They can become a great accent where in the suspensions fall from the second floor to the first floor of the home. They are perfect to hang over the dining table, be it a marble or oak. They also accentuate kitchens; its plain nature will be embellished with elegance.

They commonly come as pendant chandeliers, the most coveted, the more bocci lighting falling from the ceiling the livelier it is. During the night it resembles the stars, stars that you can easily reach. They come with free flowing suspension that sways from your eyes. In the morning as the light of the sun kiss the body of the glass it disperses light throughout the house, it is just beautiful its environmentally friendly. They blend perfectly with natural modern lighting in wide open spaces. The number of pendants can also be chosen by the client to include its versatility. Because pendant Bocci chandeliers are suspended lighting you can create any design on how to place them. It could be in clusters, spiral, or a simple hanging pendant

There are also series of wall sconce or the Home lighting that are attached by the wall that has a main design purpose for clustering. The number of lighting should be just right so that it will not dominate the given space but enough to empower it giving it great visual strength, they appear as little candles encased within a sphere of water, subtle and delicate. These kinds are common in hotels and restaurants.

The larger the fixture the softer light it gives, while the smaller fixtures give a touch of minimalism in a design that is discreet and spaced out. They traditionally come in transparent spherical glass emitting early sunset light, now they can also come in varied colors and shapes.

Light can be a merit that will judge the entire room, it can make a simple room astonishing or can destroy an extravagant ensemble of furniture. Mainly because as human we depend on our eyes to see, and what it sees becomes what we perceive. Light can be deceiving thus consider its great significance.



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